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Ahh, bliss...

What a perfect start to the day. I woke up still wrapped around linuxspice who is one of only three people I've ever met who I can fall asleep snuggling with and wake up eight hours later still in contact with. We lingered in bed a long while, inspired by some noises through the wall, and now bcholmes is making me some yummy eggs for breakfast. the_siobhan is in the shower, Amanda is getting dressed, and ldot was kind enough to lend me her froggy laptop for email and LJ purposes.

I'm not sure what the plan for the rest of today is, other than a certain someone's weenie roast.

Last night, we got here around 11:00, several hours behind schedule. It took linuxspice longer to get to Rochester than expected, and I had fallen asleep waiting for her rather than getting my packing done. And, of course, we spent some time snuggling before hitting the road.

We did manage to get to Toronto in time to catch the whole Transition Support gang still at the Golden Griddle, so I got to meet lots of bcholmes's trans friends. Including one who positively talked my ear off. Anyway, eggs await....
Tags: poly, toronto, trans

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