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Ten things...

Just because all the cool people are doing it, here are ten things that I've done that you probably haven't:
  1. Founded a religious order.
  2. Invented a programming language.
  3. Built a boat from scratch.
  4. Gone to Chautauqua every single year of my life.
  5. Been a bridesmaid, a groomsman, a wedding officiant, a groom, and am in line to be a bride.
  6. Hosted a radio show.
  7. Chained myself to the White House fence to protest the nuclear arms race.
  8. Founded a national civil rights group.
  9. Emigrated to another country.
  10. Stood watch at the helm of a 700 ton cruise ship.
(Changing sex and earning a black belt left out because plenty of other folks have done both. Likewise writing award-winning software.)

Update: (because my friends kick even more ass than I suspected)

  1. Crossed the Atlantic by ocean liner, when ocean liners were still a serious means of getting back and forth.
  2. Commissioned a luxury yacht from a famous designer.
  3. Won the Deerfield debate.
  4. Designed an operating system.
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