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Springy springy boing boing boing

Spring is here! linuxspice and I drove down to Gananoque on Sunday and rowed around the Thousand Islands. The weather was perfect all weekend -- upper teens on Saturday, and around 20 on Sunday, but on the water. We meandered around the Admiralty Islands for about four hours, and worked our way as far upstream as Beau Rivage Island. We're tenatively going to try to get a group together to go boat camping there on the weekend before May 24th. Afterwards, we had dinner and a few pints in Kingston.

We borrowed Bruce's Seagull (this one) for the afternoon, and I won the Captain Crunch award for running her hard aground on half a dozen rocks in the shallow water, including one rather nasty incident when we hung up on a sharp rock for a minute or so. Next time, we'll take either the little schooner, or the dory, both of which can be easily rowed backwards where I can see what I'm about to hit.

Saturday, we renewed our work permits, and spent a thoroughly pleasant day in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Shaw Festival has started (we missed the matinee, however), and we discovered a local pub where they have a thoroughly cheesy Henry VIII-themed weekend "feast" with all you can eat -- and drink. (I did manage to recover from my hangover in time for Sunday's rowing. :-) )

Finally, it's April, and I've been wearing shorts for the past two days. I could get used to this weather....
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