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On any other day

Can today get any worse? They were testing the fire alarms in my office... all day. Every two minutes or so, the alarm went off. I got nothing whatever accomplished, left in the middle of the afternoon after snarling at several coworkers, and have shifted myself onto an overnight schedule because they're going to be doing it again tomorrow.

That gave me a chance to get to the doctor's to have the recently-discovered lump in my breast checked. The last time I had one, they looked at it and told me that it was an infected sweat gland, and that there was nothing to worry about. This time, I'm scheduled for a biopsy and a mammogram. And that on top of a friend recently contracting cancer, and two other people in my life battling it. I'm sure it's nothing (I have fibrocystic breasts, prone to false alarms), but this was the wrong day for it.

Oh, and I have to talk to the IRS and one of my 401(k) companies tomorrow. It seems that the company told the IRS that they had cashed out my entire account, and the IRS is trying to make me pay taxes on money I never received....

The weekend, at least, went well. We went to Erie to visit the family, and linuxspice finally got to meet my aunt and uncle. We all drove out to Albion to plant geraniums on the family graves, and the weather was beautiful.
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