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When the going gets tough, the tough dye hair....

Anita was feeling blue last night, so we colored my hair. And Peri's, too; yesterday was her birthyday. My hair is long enough to need two kits, and we couldn't find a match for the kit that I brought home from the WomBoink, so we grabbed a similar color from a different company and did my hair in that color, and did Peri up in the kit from the WomBoink. We also took the birthyday girl out for some Abbott's Frozen Custard (which Amanda had never had before), and sat around on my bed and kvetched about Anita's relationship stuff until midnightish.

I'm really happy with the results: I came out a nice pretty dark red. Peri, who has a much lighter natural color, came out Anime Heroine Red, which really suits her personality and looks cool and quirky. And it makes her funky "new" hairstyle from when she went hiking look much nicer. Plus, the whole girl-bonding thing was something that we all kind of needed.

And, to top it off, linuxspice is still in town, although she needs to head back to Boston today to take care of some business. It's been so wonderful having her around the last couple days, coming home to her, waking up to her, and generally being near her. We took a vote and concluded that she needs to move in :-) -- we'll see what happens with all the job searchy stuff.

Looks like a later-than-usual day for me, though -- it's hard to get to work on time when there's a snuggly sweetie in your bed....
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