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The RAH meme

Bold the ones you know you can do because you've done them, italicize the ones you think you could do with a reasonable amount of competence.

A human being should be able to:

  • change a diaper
  • plan an invasion (of small lead figures on a tabletop)
  • butcher a hog
  • conn a ship (for sufficiently small values of "ship")
  • design a building (bold if you count imaginary buildings in RPG campaigns)
  • write a sonnet
  • balance accounts
  • build a wall
  • set a bone (with appropriate reference materials, I might manage it)
  • comfort the dying
  • take orders
  • give orders
  • cooperate
  • act alone
  • solve equations
  • analyze a new problem
  • pitch manure
  • program a computer
  • cook a tasty meal
  • fight efficiently
  • die gallantly



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Jun. 15th, 2005 08:32 am (UTC)
Mine are...
...listed on my own Journal ('cause it ain't a mem if you don't post it there).
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