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Report to the Martian High Command

To: Admiral Zoltar, Martian High Command
From: Commodore Grontak, Earth Blockade Fleet

Sir: We have foiled another Earthling attempt to develop solar sail technology. One of their primitive chemical rockets tried to launch an experimental prototype solar sail craft. The destroyer Reptar shot it down easily with its Vortak Ray Cannon, while remaining undetected by their crude sensors. Our policy of preventing the Earthlings from developing effective means of interplanetary travel has been completely successful thus far, and Mars remains secure.

In related news, agent Zalgon26 reports that he has successfully infiltrated one of the humans' regional governments, where he is hard at work keeping them addicted to primitive energy sources for the time being. At this rate, they will never develop the necessary defenses before our invasion fleet is ready.

All hail Zyglor!
-- Grontak
Tags: humour, politics, space

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