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I'm sitting in the Omaha airport, where my flight was supposed to have pushed back from the gate by now. Instead, it's been delayed until 11:00, which means that I miss my connection at O'Hare, and won't get to Buffalo until 4:15, or to Toronto until dinner time. And then I need to work a full day after that, to get our story in on schedule. Grump, grump, grump.

Despite our missing Pride, the weekend was still really wonderful. linuxspice's family are all very sweet (especially her grandmother, whose birthday it was), and they remind me more than a little of my own family.

This week is going to be a complete blur. I'll be working like crazy to get the story that I'm working on in by Thursday afternoon, at which point linuxspice, thespian, danaeris and I are taking off for Palenville and Boston, possibly via the Rochester ferry.

Oh well, at least the Omaha airport has 802.11....
Tags: family, travel

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