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America's Cup

Yay! The America's Cup is on again. More accurately, what's going on now is the Louis Vuitton Cup to select the challenger who will face Team New Zealand, but it's still the AC nonetheless.

It's getting harder and harder to find a rooting interest. In 1987 and 1992, I had Buddy Melges to root for, and there was a women's team in 1995. And last time (in 2000), there was America True, which had Dawn Riley as her skipper. But this time, there isn't anyone who I don't have to hold my nose to root for. The closest, I guess, would be the One World Challenge, which has an eco-friendly sensibility... but they're also sponsored by Microsoft, and have gotten in trouble for underhanded dealings during the run-up to the competition. I suppose they'll have to do, though -- I won't root for Dennis Conner on principle, and Larry Ellison is even worse.

The closest I'll probably come to being an America's Cup skipper is building one of these, although I did get a chance to drive True North IV from the 1987 AC on my honeymoon in Sint Maarten.
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