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On the road again....

We're heading off to Kingston, Palenville, and points east soon, as soon as we can figure out the order in which to fetch everyone. Much of that will depend on where and when the Gaylaxicon 2006 flyers are coming from: Missisauga, Queen's Quay downtown, or delivered to thespian's.

chemlabgoddess, I'll call you from Palenville this weekend. Sorry for the long delay!

I still can't find the bag full of assorted marine hardware that I need to rig the Shrike, but we'll be picking up more than enough lead in Kingston to pour her keel this weekend. I also need to track down a Bomar hatch to install in bulkhead D at some point, and work out the rudder bearing issue. Hopefully, though, we can get major construction on her finished, and have a launching soon....

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