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Irony alert

I got lost on the way to Orienteering today. In High Park, right around the corner from our apartment. Go me!

I finally found the start, an hour late, between running around the park looking for it and turning our apartment upside down trying to find my thumb compass. I still had enough time to run the short course, and did reasonably well except for the huge -- and entirely unmarked on the map -- fence surrounding the "dogs off the leash" area, which I had to run all the way around on one leg.

Can I say that it rocks having orienteering available every week for half the year? I've been pretty lame about getting out to it so far; it's time to make a habit of it.

This weekend is the TOC championship meet, in Ajax. So far this season, I've turned in my worst performance ever and my best performance ever. Hopefully, this weekend will be more like the second than the first. Thus far, there are four women registered in my division, all for the long (7 km) course. If all three others are experienced, I'll have my work cut out for me to not finish last. We'll see....

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