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Shopping Lists

Orange Box or Rona:
  • eight 1/4" x 4" galvanized machine screws
  • nuts and lockwashers for same
  • two 10-24 x 2 1/2" stainless bolts, with nuts and lockwashers
  • four 1/4" x something large oval-head screws (for the rowlocks)
  • squeeze tube of silicone caulk for the Mice
  • 24 #8 3/4" brass machine screws, with nuts and lockwashers
  • big ass bolt for the tiller
  • bolts to hold the side pieces on the tiller
  • two each of S-H-R-I-K-E in brass
Fogh Marine:
  • return the swivel fairlead
  • one Harken micro block
  • two hanging micro blocks
  • two eyestraps
  • a quart of Brightside red
  • a quart of anti-fouling paint
  • US and Canadian flags
  • hiking strap length?
Tire and/or trailer store:
  • Three tires
  • 8-10 wheel weights
  • bearing buddies
  • replacement light connector (receiver) for the Aztek
Fetch from Rochester:
  • honey
  • carpet scraps
  • metal stock
  • belts
  • Jessica
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