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Once More, With Feeling

From sleepyaardvark:

Answer these questions with lyrics.

1. Are you male or female?

Go, go, go, go now
Out of the nest, it's time
Go, go, go now
Circus girl without a safety net
Here, here now, don't cry
You raised your hand for the assignment
Tuck those ribbons under
Your helmet, be a good soldier

First my left foot, then my right behind the other
Pantyhose running in the cold

Mother, the car is here
Somebody leave the light on
Green limousine for the red-haired
Dancing, dancing girl
And when I dance for him
Maybe I'll leave the light on
Just in, just in case I like the dancing
I can remember where I come from

2. Describe your neighborhood

There's a part of the country
Could drop off tomorrow in an earthquake
Yeah, they're out there on the cutting edge
The people move, the sidewalks shake

And there's another part of the country
With a land that gently creaks and thuds
Where the heavy snows make faucets leak
In bathrooms with free-standing tubs

There are houses that are haunted
With the kids who lie awake and think
About older generations past
Who used to use that dripping sink

Sometimes, one place wants to drift into the other
Just to see
What it's like to trade its demons
For the restless ghost of Mrs. Ogilvy

She used to pick the mint from her front yard
To dress the Sunday pork
Sometimes Southern California
Wants to be Western New York.

It wants to have a family business
In sheet metal or power tools,
And it wants to have a diner
Where the coffee tastes like diesel fuel.

And it wants to find the glory
Of a town they say has hit the skids.
And it wants to have a snow day
That will turn its parents into kids.

And it's embarrassed, but it's lusting
After a SUNY student with mousy brown hair
Who is taking out the compost,
Making coffee in long underwear.

3. If you could say something to the person you like, what would it be?

I lived my life in shadow
Never the sun on my face.
I never felt so sad, though,
I figured that was my place.

Now I'm bathed in light.
Something just isn't right.

I'm under your spell.
How else could it be
Anyone would notice me?

It's magic, I can tell.
You just set me free,
Brought me out so easily.

I saw a world enchanted,
Spirits and charms in the air.
I always took for granted
I was the only one there.

But your power shone
Brighter than any I've known.

Now I'm under your spell.
Nothing I could do --
You just took my soul with you.

You worked your charms so well,
Suddenly I knew
Everything I dreamed was true.
You made me believe....

The moon to the tide;
I can feel you inside.

I'm under your spell,
Surging like the sea,
Floating here so helplessly.

I break with every swell,
Lost in ecstasy,
Spread beneath my Willow tree.
You make me complete....

4. Where do you wish you were right now?

My name's Abel Rogers. A share-man am I
On a three masted schooner from Twillingate Isle.
I've been the world over, north, south, east, and west,
But the middle of nowhere's where I likes it best.

Where it's wave over wave,
Sea over bow,
I'm as happy a man as the sea will allow.
There's no other life for a sailor like me
Than to sail the salt sea, boys, sail the sea.
There's no other life but to sail the salt sea.

5. What would you say to your best friend?

This shattered dream they cannot justify.
We're gonna scream until we're satisfied!
What are we running for?
We've got the right to be angry!
What are we running for
When there's nowhere we can run to anymore?

We can't afford to be innocent.
Stand up and face the enemy!
It's a do-or-die situation.
We will be invincible!

And with the power of conviction,
There is no sacrifice.
It's a do-or-die situation.
We will be invincible!

6. Any words of wisdom?

A year of beauty,
A year of plenty,
A year of planting,
A year of harvests,
A year of forests,
A year of healing,
A year of vision,
A year of passion,
A year of rebirth,
This year, may we renew the Earth.
This year, may we renew the Earth!

Let it begin with the rains.
Let it begin in deep snows
On the granite bounds of the mountains.
On ancient, uncut forests.
Oh, let it begin with a running stream
With a wild whitewater river.
Let it flow down through the valleys,
The grasslands, and the croplands.
May they yield a good harvest
For all those who plant them,
Those who tend them, and who pick them.
May all who hunger now be fed,
And may we heal the soil that grows our bread,
And let it begin with each step we take,
And let it begin with each change we make.

Let the rivers flow into a bay
Of clear and living water.
May all the buried streams run free
And the salmon return each year from the sea.
Oh, let it begin with the whales
As they pass on their long migrations.
May flocks of seabirds darking the sky
And the black-winged condor freely fly.
May summer bring back songbirds
From rainforests that grow and thrive.
May they take wing in peace.
May they fly over lands at peace.
May all the cycles of life be saved
And all the risks of change be braved!
And let it begin with each step we take,
And let it begin with each change me make.

Let it begin with the winds,
The breath of flourishing forests.
May they carry the voices of women.
May they bring us the songs of our ancestors,
And teach our hidden herstory,
And awaken our ancient memories.
Oh, let it begin in the streets
Of this fog-ringed city.
May this be a city of lovers,
Of poets, dreamers, and dancers,
Of dreamers and drummers and changers!
May the old ones and the young be blessed,
And all the forms of love be loved,
And all the colors of our skin be praised.
Like sisters, like brothers,
May we take care of each other.
Let it begin with each step we take,
And let it begin with each change we make.

Let it begin in the fire,
In the smouldering coals of an ancient hearth.
Of the secret visions in our hears,
May we fan the flames into life!
May we tend the fires of life!
May all the works of change be done.
May we draw our power from the wind and sun,
And weave our magic from the turning moon,
And dance on the living Earth.
She is our lover,
Our healer,
Our mother,
And we all are of her.
We are her circle:
Her circle of healing,
Her circle of planting
The seeds of a new year --
A year of rebirth!
This year may we renew the Earth.
This year may we renew the Earth!

7. What do you wish you were doing right now?

Now the parking lot is empty.
Everyone's gone someplace.
I pick you up, and in the trunk I've packed
A cooler and a two-day suitcase.
'Cause there's a place we like to drive
Way out in the country.
And five miles out of the city limit we're singing
And your hand's upon my knee.

So, we're okay.
We're fine.
Baby, I'm here to stop your crying.
Chase all the ghosts from your head.
I'm stronger than the monster beneath your bed.
Smarter than the tricks played on your heart.
We'll look at them together, and we'll take them apart.
Adding up the total of a love that's true.
Multiply life by the power of two.

8. What do you think of drugs and alcohol?

Your crescent-shaped barge of heaven
So well belayed, so well belayed
Full of loveliness like the new moon
Full of loveliness like the new moon
Your fertile fields well-watered
Your fertile fields well-watered
Hillock lands well-watered, too
Hillock lands well-watered, too

At your mighty rising, at your mighty rising
The vines rise up and the fields rise up
And the vines rise up and the fields rise up
And the desert fills with green
And the desert fills with green
Just like a living garden
Just like a living garden

In the heat of the sun, you are the shade
A well of water in a dry, dry land
In the heat of the sun, you are the shade
A well of water in a dry, dry land
Pour it out for me, pour it out for me
Everything you send me, I will drink.
Pour it out for me, pour it out for me
Everything you send me, I will drink.

9. What do you usually do on Friday nights?

Shokhev yareakh 'adamdam
Kol ha-sla'im betseva' dam
Nosa'at l'Petra

ha-Guf roteakh be-teruf
ha-hazayot 'omdot la-'uf
Nosa'at l'Petra

'Ekheshe nahar
V'ekhzor el ha-midbar
Kmo nemer ha-bar
Layla ba-midbar
Petra! Layla, Petra....

Noga'at Asya be-halal
Simlata mofshetet la el 'al
Nosa'at l'Petra

Noshkot svatekha le-tsalva
Holmim tope ha-te'ava
Nosa'at l'Petra

(Translation: I take a lot of road trips.)

10. Are you for world peace?

In her white lace,
You can clearly see the lady sadly looking,
Saying that she'll take the blame
For the crucifixion of her own domain.

Two million people barely satisfy.
Two hundred women watch one woman cry.
Too late.

The eyes of honesty can achieve.
How many millions do we deceive each day?

In charge of who is there --
In charge of me --
Can I look on blindly and say I see the way?

11. What do you think about school?

I went to see the Doctor of Philosophy
With a poster of Rasputin and a beard down to his knee.
He never did marry
Or see a B-grade movie.
He graded my performance.
He said he could see through me.

I spent four years prostrate to the "higher mind,"
Got my paper, and I was free.

I went to the Doctor.
I went to the mountains.
I looked to the children.
I drank from the fountains.

There's more than one answer to these questions
Pointing me in a crooked line.
And the less I search my source for some definitive
The closer I am to fine....

12. How do you feel right now?

I had a dream late last night
The water was running low
And my fields were on fire
Burning my sky
My body was moving low
And when I awoke, I tasted the sweat
Of desire on my mouth

And I realized my heart had abducted my mind
And they were last seen headed south
I can't sleep
I'm so wired
And I find myself screaming out

Don't you need?
Don't you want?
Can't you taste it when you're around?
Don't you try?
Don't you feel?
Sometimes I wonder if you are real.
Don't you need?
Don't you need?

13. Any closing words?

She changes everything she touches
And everything she touches, changes.
We are changers.
Everything we touch can change.

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