Susan Davis (futabachan) wrote,
Susan Davis

Staying put

We decided to cancel our trip to the Gloucester Schooner Festival, due to the sudden spike in gas prices. We're hoping that there'll be at least some moderation for our Palenville trip in two weeks, or for the Deerfield trip in three.

I went down to the club last night to try to get in a quick sail, and then spend some quality time lying to the mooring, scrubbing the heck out of the extremely grubby deck and cockpit soles on Shrike. There was a very nice wind up, however, and the racing fleet was out, so I wound up doing rather a lot of sailing, and no scrubbing whatever. I discovered that there's at least one other boatbuilder at the club -- I caught him rowing out to his racing boat in a lapstrake Ian Oughtred pram. I ate dinner at the club after I came back in, and discovered that the club has Upper Canada Dark on draught, so I wound up sitting on the porch until 9:30, chatting with the other boatbuilder and the rest of the crew of the boat he raced on.

I made it home in time for the premiere of The L Word, season 2. It's about time they started running it here....

Tomorrow will be an early morning, as they're shutting down Humber Bay at 12:00 for the airshow at the Ex, and not reopening it until 4:00, so I need to set sail soon enough to be out of the bay before then. I'm hoping to get down to Jenco on the way, as I was told that I need a sturdier mooring line to meet club specifications.

Oh, and I started building a tender tonight: a 6'6" Tortoise. I'm on my way out to the porch for the first round of epoxy. Hopefully, she'll be in the water in time for next weekend's messabout.
Tags: boats, travel

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