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We went to the Kingston Messabout over the weekend. On Saturday night, we were hanging out aboard a Bolger Watervan, playing music in the aft salon and having a singalong, when we noticed out the starboard side windows that the Aurora Borealis was on display. We all climbed out on the dock for a look. To get away from the high-pressure sodium light around the docks, Amanda and I climbed into our Mouseboats and paddled out into the middle of the lake for a better look.

Wow. Mouseboating by the light of the Aurora Borealis, with steam rising from the lake, and the only sound the gurgling of the bow wave at your forefoot, is an incredible experience. We had an amazing display -- green shimmering curtains of light, and whirling rainbow colours, and effects that looked like someone shining a searchlight down from space.
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