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LJ Interests meme results
  1. bi:
    'Cuz I am, y'know.
  2. cleveland rockers:
    Alas for my poor Rockers. I was there on the last night at the Gund, when one last-minute jump shot would have won the game... and combined with their win in Detroit the next evening, would have gotten them to the finals, which they would have had an excellent shot of winning. Would they really have shut down the defending champions? I used to be a huge WNBA fan, but you don't get to break my heart like that, and keep me as a paying customer.
  3. fudge: -- an elegant free set of rules for Narrativist tabletop roleplaying. Two of my best campaigns ever have been Fudge, and I'd use it again if I started another one. (Which would only happen if bcholmes got sick of GMing and ended hers, which is eminently well-done.)
  4. kindred spirits:
    The trans spirituality retreat that bcholmes and I attend every August, or more specifically, the group that puts it on.
  5. miniature wargaming:
    Have I mentioned that I'm a geek? When I was living in Pittsburgh, the gaming group that I fell in with was heavily into miniatures, and I even got sucked far enough in that I own a Warhammer army. (Old-style Brettonians -- in other words, 100 Years' War English, which is how I'm painting them. "Once more, dear friends, into the Waagh!") It's been quite a while since I've had any time to paint. I have three Armati armies (historical ancients) lying around needing paint.
  6. peacemaking:
    It seems like an odd combination with the previous interest, but no one gets killed from pushing bits of lead around a tabletop. I was a teenage anti-nuclear-war activist, and had my weekend privileges revoked at Deerfield for sneaking off to a protest march in Washington, DC, and chaining myself to the White House fence to protest the arms race. Helen Caldicott put me up to it.
  7. sacred sexuality:
    I've done exactly one sex magic rite, and it was the most powerful of my life.
  8. sushi:
    Mmm, yum! I just had some for lunch today.
  9. upstate new york:
    I lived there for several years before moving here, and I miss it. Downstaters claim that Palenville is "upstate", so technically I still do sort of live there. And we go back to visit a lot. Chautauqua is also way upstate, and it's more home than home itself.
  10. yuri:
    See "bi." :-) Specifically, it's Japanese anime with same-sex female romance.

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