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Better news

At least we got the house signed over to the religion over the weekend. That should hopefully get it off the tax rolls post haste, and it gets linuxspice and me out of having 7+ hour one way drives every weekend with the gas prices like this.

Also, we're planning to start a Fudge (if we do sf, or possibly D&D if we do fantasy) campaign in Palenville, starting next Sunday. It'll be intermittent, happening essentially whenever we have people at the temple to actually play. So far, it's just me, battakes, and Beth, which mitigates in favour of the SF campaign; we'll see who else might be interested. Luckily, I can just go back over ground that I covered the first time I ran the campaign, as I really really really don't have time to prepare new original campaign material just now, between the project and the book.
Tags: palenville, rpg

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