Susan Davis (futabachan) wrote,
Susan Davis

Sue needs...

  • Sue needs a home. I found this cat outside my office window....
  • Sue needs to redeem some of the IOUs.
  • Sue needs access to the root of
  • Sue desperately needs money to support her swingin' singles lifestyle.
  • sue needs to grow up a little lmao
  • Sue needs to back to school to learn the basics of What Not to Wear.
  • Sue needs to establish a web site (example:
  • Sue needs critical information from her IT supplier....
  • Sue needs to reflect on the concept of self-preservation as a nurse....
  • SUE needs to be able to find the extracted netlists (.sim files) from the MAX layouts.
  • Sue needs more information for a “Program Committee”....
  • Sue needs some advice on how to maintain the garden and polishes up her Spanish gardening vocabulary.
  • Sue needs to take charge of the whole enterprise....
  • Sue needs to find the length of the bypass d in metres.
  • Sue needs to focus on the quality of sleep she is getting.
  • Sue needs to commit to working in class, and Mrs. Jones needs to commit to actively engaging all of her students.
Tags: humour, meme

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