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A cardiac moment....

One of my bosses just walked into my cube a minute ago to reassure me that I wasn't included in the big round of force reductions slated for the end of the month. Apparently, a sizeable chunk of our contractor force is going to be let go before the end of the month... and this was the first that I'd heard of it.

After I recovered from my near-myocardial infarction, I inquired about whether the original deal about me being picked up as a direct employee was still on. It isn't, unless things change... but they might, after they finish reevaluating next year's portfolio of products and projects. This changes things very, very significantly... and makes it easier for Amanda and I to wind up together.

It also occurs to me that if they let me go (which they might not), my job would end at exactly the right time to begin a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Hmmm....
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