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I was there for the 1987 March on Washington. I wasn't actually in the march, but I was there, and I marched along with the march for a few blocks. When I was at Georgetown, I had a habit of doing my reading assignments down at the Tidal Basin by the Jefferson Memorial. One October day, I was wandering back to the Metro, and ran smack in to the AIDS quilt (all in one piece back then), and more LGBT people than I had ever seen.

At the time, I was identifying as firmly straight, but my roommate that year was my best friend from prep school, who I had a huge crush on, and who I had pulled a Felicity and followed to GU. It would be another year before I would seriously start reconsidering sexual orientation and gender identity, and a year after that before I learned the difference between the two.

Oh, by the way, I'm bi, poly, and trans.
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