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Near the crossroads, near Hecate

Rachel passed away at 7:45 last night.

She slept peacefully from the start of her sedation on Monday through the end. She had suffered so in the last few weeks; as soon as the medication kicked in, it was as if fifteen years had drained right out of her. We're all sad from the big Rachel-shaped hole in our lives, but she's at peace now, and it's what she wanted.

Rachel's daughter katychlorine was with her at the end; chemlabgoddess, linuxspice and I were off at the tattoo parlour, where Kathleen was having Rachel's spider tattoo put on in the same place. We had said our goodbyes to her on Monday when she was awake, but we said some more, and sang the Unitarian "Go Now In Peace" to Rachel, and I sang the ending movement to Kay Gardner's Ouroboros. We've lit a candle on her altar, and many prayers from many faiths have been said for her.

We'll be here with Kathleen through Sunday night, when Rachel's women's ritual circle will be having a ritual for her. That should get us back to Toronto on Monday, though not in time for work.
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