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More Paranoia

Since bcholmes will be out of town for her campaign's next scheduled session, we'll be doing Paranoia again on Wednesday, February 15th, in the evening. In our last session, we got through the briefing room, the PLC warehouse, and R&D, and ended just as we were about to start the actual mission proper. There's plenty of time (and room) for more Troubleshooters to join the team at this point; leave a comment here if you're interested.

We'll be using Risus as the game system instead of the actual Paranoia rules. You get 10D for your character (up to 4D per cliché), plus 1D for your mutant power and 1D for a treasonous cliché linked to your secret society. Feel free to run potential mutant powers and secret societies by me.

Attendance is mandatory. Thank you for your cooperation.
Tags: gaming, toronto

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