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Moving in a blizzard

Well, it's done. We finally cleared the last of the stuff out of the old Rochester house, and left the keys to be delivered to the new owners. We lost a whole day due to the Blizzard of 2006, getting stuck in Palenville at the top of an unplowed, icy, and snowy mountain road. And then we got caught in a lake effect snowstorm in Buffalo last night, which was just as scary. But all of the stuff in the house and garage is now here and in Palenville... which means we now have the super-cool king-sized bed here. It was much easier than expected getting it into the apartment; we should have done that from the get-go. I suspect that we could have gotten the wardrobe in, too, but that's in Palenville.

Today will be a much-needed evening of rest (and candlelight and snuggling) for us, then Paranoia tomorrow, and a trip to Minneapolis over the weekend. We're planning to go away for linuxspice's birthyday weekend the following weekend, and back to Palenville the weekend after that to do ritual planning.

But for now it's just good to be home....
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