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This weekend, I was going to have
  • gone to Ad Astra,
  • cleaned the apartment,
  • bagged up old clothing to go to charity,
  • studied the Wozzeck libretto,
  • worked on a paper,
  • cleaned the apartment,
  • hung out with epi_lj and okoshun, and
  • cleaned the apartment.

Did I? No. I crashed hard on Friday, after being unable to sleep on Thursday, and then spent most of yesterday and last night snuggling with linuxspice and watching Tenshi na Konamaiki fansubs. And now I'm at the office, finishing the work that I didn't get to on Friday before I crashed, while another snuggly sweetheart waits for me.

At least the light is returning, and the weather has turned sweet. (Sweet enough to make me start thinking about the long list of commissioning tasks for Shrike.) But this is a general pattern, and it's been affecting me and everyone around me. I wish I could put my finger on it....

Tags: anime, boats, toronto

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