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Back from Anime North

periperi is visiting town this weekend, so she and I and linuxspice all went to Anime North. Wow. I've never been to a con with a five digit membership size before. It wasn't quite as bad as the ComiFes scenes in Genshiken, but it was still a huge mass of humanity, with a totally different feel to any con I had been to before. Everyone seemed to stick to close-knit circles of friends, and didn't generally interact with anyone outside their in-group -- there were just too many people milling about to manage it. (Exception: I met shinigamishimai at the shoujo-ai panel, and we had a nice long chat afterwards, but that was it.)

A ridiculously large percentage of the attendees were cosplaying, which made the huge crowds kind of neat for people-watching. Among others, I saw

* a Haruhi Suzumiya,
* the entire Ouran High School Host Club,
* the entire cast of Kujibiki Unbalance,
* three different complete casts of Final Fantasy X,
* at least two dozen spare Yunas, in both the FFX and FFX-2 costumes, and two or three spare Lulus,
* five Soras,
* a dozen or more Cloud Strifes with enormous and extremely cheesy-looking tinfoil Buster Swords,
* one Aerith, four Sephiroths, and a collection of Moogles,
* five Utenas and three Anthys, including one Movie Utena,
* dozens of Naruto characters who I can't name since I don't watch the show,
* lots of people in a blue space navy-looking uniform that I ought to recognize but don't,
* one rather well-done female Captain Harlock,
* three or four Gundams (but no Valkyries),
* one Lavie Head,
* a dozen assorted Sailor Senshi, including one extremely sharp-looking Usagi/Mamoru couple,
* half a dozen Sakuras in battle costumes, and one in a rather well-done winter school uniform,
* Ranma and Shampoo,
* Miaka and Yui,
* three Lillian Jogakuen girls -- I think one was supposed to have been Sachiko, but the other two looked to have been just wearing the uniform,
* a dozen instances of a specific joshikousei character in a blue sailor fuku with a blue Haruhi-style ribbon, but I don't recognize the character in question,
* a truly enormous number of other unidentified joshikousei whose uniforms I didn't recognize,
* one Imperial Stormtrooper,
* three rather incongruous Jedi who broke out into an impromptu lightsaber duel in the hallways,
* one V for Vendetta,
* three Phantoms of the Opera,
* the Ghostbusters,
* an assortment of uniformed NERV personnel,
* lots of MIBs with katanas,
* lots of samurai and other assorted jidai geki characters (presumably from Ruroken, Inu Yasha, and other shounen series that I haven't seen),
* a whole pack of Inu Yashas,
* a pantheon of Belldandys and assorted winged angels,
* two rather impressive spirits from Spirited Away,
* more gothloli girls than you could shake a parasol at,
* lots of bunny girls and random fans in street clothes with nekomimi,
* two crossplayers who might have been graduates of the J. Thompson Academy,
* nobody at all from Kashimashi, and
* nobody at all from Simoun.

I had been mulling over the idea of trying to cosplay Aaeru from Simoun, but I couldn't figure out how to tie my hair in odango. If I can sort that out, I might try it for some hypothetical smaller future con that we attend. I've never really had the costuming bug before, but the huge numbers this weekend were infectious. linuxspice and I also discussed possibly doing Haruhi and Mikuru -- she has the bunny girl costume already -- but I don't think I'd look good in that uniform. Besides, episode 1 and 2 Aaeru is dead easy -- the costume is just a flight suit with a leather bustier and two simple accents sewn onto it, plus a silk blouse and a Tempus Spatium pendant. And I'd suspect that the pendant will be available off the shelf before too long.

Later, linuxspice and I ran into danaeris, jackspryte, and tocityguy. We people-watched for a while, then went back to arcadiahouse for dinner and general hanging out. jackspryte was the heroine of the evening for breaking out sarongs, and we had a delightful time until midnight or so.



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May. 28th, 2006 06:12 am (UTC)
How did the shoujo-ai panel go? Sean Gaffney (one of the panelists) hangs in the irc chats for Lililicious and Otenba (which I am on staff for), and he's been complaining for the last week about how messed up the programming for AN is, and how the shoujo-ai and yuri panels have been getting moved all over the sked.

Too bad I couldn't have been there with you all. Perhaps another year. Also, you may want to think about coming down for Ikasucon or Matsuricon. They're smaller, and chances are that I'll be staffing for at least one of them, if not both.
May. 31st, 2006 01:02 am (UTC)
Really? When are they?
Jun. 2nd, 2006 06:08 am (UTC)
This year's Ikasucon is July 14-16, in Cincinnati at the Convention Center and the Millenium Hotel. Info is at www.ikasucon.org

Matsuricon ran earlier this year (April 20-23) and given that most of the same people who run that also are involved with Ikasu, I don't think Matsuri will be moving very far on the schedule in 2007. The website is currently down, but it would be at www.matsuricon.org when it's back up and running.
May. 28th, 2006 07:58 am (UTC)
including one Movie Utena

She was naked and transformed into a car?

Also, I can't help noticing a distinct lack of people costumed as partridges and/or pear trees.
May. 28th, 2006 08:06 am (UTC)
You went to Anime North this weekend? You lucky, lucky girl. Friends of mine at an anime convention and I am not there?

I remember going to Otakon 2000 in Baltimore, discovering the giant crowds there and feeling disappointingly lonely. So much different from Otakon 1995, at which I shared a couch with Robert De Jesus & Steve Bennett, learned that Gainax wasn't dead, and asked the creator of Bondage Fairies an embarrassing question. All that and I was a gofer too. I decided that large cons would be no fun at all without a group of friends to hang out with.

Yeah, you're a very lucky girl. I wish I could've been there.
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