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Where's Bucky?

I drove past Fredonia, New York around 5 PM today. A long succession of State Police patrol cars passed me on I-90 on my way to the Dunkirk/Fredonia exit and got off there. Shortly after I passed the exit, an enormous cavalcade of at least 20 police SUVs came roaring past in the opposite direction, lights and sirens blazing, on their way to the exit. Several other patrol cars also whizzed past over the next few minutes, also with their lights going. It seemed like they were scraping up every available unit that they could find to send into the area.

I haven't seen any news coverage of it yet, but something happened in the Bucky Phillips case today, even if it was a false alarm.

Update: Bucky busted. Bully, bears!


Sep. 9th, 2006 06:30 am (UTC)
While at Skyline tonight having dinner, I saw FauxNews showing the "headline", "Fugitive Captured on NY/PA Border". I told the roommate that "that's a mighty big border there, but the guy I know that they've been hunting down was over by Buffalo." Glad to hear that Bucky was nabbed.

And now, to quote the NYS motto: