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I think I spoke too soon about the cake. The cake itself came out okay, but the frosting didn't. I transgressed against the commandment that Thou Shalt Not Double The Recipe for the frosting, in an attempt to save time, and sufficiently angered the Birthday Cake Gods thereby that they revoked my birthday cake powers. I was forced to resort to -- horror of horrors! -- store-bought frosting (yeeeeech!) in order to get the cakes and me to alt.polycon in time for the Decadent Sunday Brunch.

Everyone was a good sport about it, but my cake didn't come anywhere near to Mom and Gradma's standards: it was too dry, too lumpy due to the unsifted flour, and the frosting ruined the whole effect. One of the cakes is now eaten; the other is still sitting in the consuite. Oh well, maybe next time.

In the mean time, I'll need to perform some suitable act of filial piety to atone for the sin of putting store-bought frosting on the One True Birthday Cake....