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The M Word

Back when I was a teenager working summer jobs at startup companies and corporate MIS departments (they called it "MIS" back in those days, when dinosaurs (OS/MVT; 8-bit micros) roamed the earth), I marvelled at tales of senior programmers (there were "system programmers" and "application programmers" and even "programmer/analysts", but we hadn't become "developers" or "engineers" yet) moving "up" to management later in their careers. What self-respecting geek, I wondered, would do such a thing? Who would ever give up the joy of writing code in order to push paper around?

Fast forward to now, and you guessed it -- I've been promoted to management. Much to the surprise of my teenage self (and if I could have ten minutes to talk to my teenage self, boy howdy would I ever have optimized my intervening years around a different set of assumptions), I really enjoy the management side of my job, almost as much as I love writing code. All of the crappy, annoying things that used to come down from management in previous jobs that made my life so miserable, I actually get to do right in my new job... and that's exciting.

So I've started blogging about it at (or susandavisblog). I've been really busy for the last month or two with planning and architecture for our project, but hopefully, things will calm down to normal now, and I'll actually have time to blog about things....
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