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Sue needs developers!

Call Genie is inventing the future of voice-enabled mobile local search, and we need the best software team in the industry to do it. As a member of our team (we have offices in Toronto, Calgary, Oakland, and Aarhus, Denmark), you'll be responsible for a variety of small and not-so-small software applications and components that make our products work together and allow our staff to manage them. You'll also help invent better and cheaper ways for us to scale our applications for greater demand and automate previously manual tasks.

We're looking for people who:

  1. are brilliant,
  2. get things done on time, and
  3. get along well with the rest of our team.

We're very picky about who we hire, and we care a lot more about your problem solving skills and your ability to write well-tested, well-designed, efficient code than we do about how many years of experience you have with which specific technologies. That said, having any or all of the following characteristics would make you more attractive to us:

  • A track record of success with more than one language and technology stack. You may be expected to write or maintain code in Java, Python, C#, Groovy, Ruby, JavaScript, or other languages. Java is by far our most widely used language, and recent Java experience involving Spring and/or Hibernate is particularly valued.
  • Experience with agile methods such as Scrum and XP, especially as a leader or on a self-organizing team.
  • Past successes in picking up new domains quickly, cultivating relationships with internal and external customers, and applying domain-driven design to solve customers' underlying problems.
  • Experience in any of the following is a definite asset: VoiceXML, telephony protocols, GIS and mapping, search engine technologies.
  • Test-driven and/or behaviour-driven development experience, and superior testing skills.
  • Strong refactoring, object-oriented design and patterns expertise.
  • Extensive SQL experience, including a clue about good data modeling, query optimization, and object/relational mapping issues.
  • Experience with aspect-oriented programming.
  • Continuous integration, source control, and project build expertise, particularly involving Maven, Ant, Ivy, and Subversion.
  • Skill and interest in mentoring junior and intermediate developers.
  • A regular habit of reading up on the latest technologies, and a track record of applying them to help projects you've worked on.
  • The ability to pick up new technologies quickly, evaluate them critically, and recommend or teach them to others.
  • Passion, enthusiasm, and a commitment to succeed.

We don't expect every successful candidate to have every one of those qualities, but they're all pluses. And successfully convincing us that there's an important point that we left off that list, and bringing to us relevant experience in it, would make you particularly attractive. In return, we offer competitive compensation, a good work/life balance, and the opportunity to help shape the direction of tomorrow's systems.


If you're a high performer in search of a great opportunity, and would like to join an all-star team of other high performers, please send a copy of your resume in confidence to, and let's talk!

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