Susan Davis (futabachan) wrote,
Susan Davis

In Erie

I spent Christmas at home in Erie with the whole family, which has been wonderful. My aunt and I have bonded over knitting, and I'm inheriting Mom's entire stash since she can't knit any more. It's all acrylic yarn and metal needles, but there are some nice knitting bags, and a couple of half-finished projects. We had some plans to go to a nice local yarn store that's right around the corner from Mom and Dad's, but they're closed. And now linuxspice is interested in learning, too.

I'm balanced on a knife edge about the Seattle job. I'm in for heavy emotional anguish whether I stay or go, so it really comes down to a straight-up choice between a really cool agile company and the disruption it'll cause to my Canadian citizenship, to say nothing of the 2011 world championships. My family is in favour of me going, some friends of mine who I respect think I'm nuts to even consider it, and linuxspice will support either choice. I have another 48 hours or so to decide, and there are two more people I want to consult.

A wild card might be Boston. linuxspice has a lead on a contract there, and the cool Seattle company has a project going there that I might get assigned to. I think I'd rather be in Seattle, though, or Toronto. In the worst case, I suppose, I could go for one project, then return to Toronto. We'll see.

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