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Whew. What an exhausting weekend. Thanks to jackspryte and 90pointmetaphor and tocityguy and Pope John of no LJ (and a timely last minute save by enevarim), linuxspice and I are now moved out of our old apartment and into Arcadia. I need to rearrange our things and set up my desktop box, but we're done.

The PODS storage unit was a great idea. No unloading, no ramp, and it just fit everything. And it can show up in the Arcadia 3.0 driveway at our leisure later on. Anyhow, I have an interview later today, but other than that, a bit of rest is in order.

Still can't shake the feeling that I made a mistake by turning down that job in Seattle, but nice things are afoot here.
Tags: arcadia, toronto

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