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Off to Japan

I'm off to Japan for two weeks as of the first thing Thursday morning. I'll be competing in the World Naginata Championships, and participating in this year's INF seminar and a special Shin Getsu Kai seminar at the home dojo for Tendo-ryu. I'm very excited, if a little last-minute-panic-y over the logistics of packing, transportation, where we're staying after the INF seminar ends, and so forth.

Lots of things are unsettled about where I go next after I get back. I have at least two options for staying in coaching, and I'll most likely stay put for another quarter, but last weekend's Coaching Agile Teams class, and Agile Coach Camp in Montreal, put some ideas in my head for other directions. I'm letting it rest for the moment; we'll see.

Save the approximate date: Agile Coach Camp will be coming to Toronto next June, or possibly May. I, er, kind of volunteered to organize the thing. Luckily, there's a big, active community of clueful folks who are likely to pitch in, and we already have at least three good options for venues; unless things fall apart in unlikely ways, it's going to be great.
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