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Winter Hiking, Take Two

It's almost midnight on Saturday, and I still haven't made it to the trail yet. I stuck around until it became obvious that work wasn't going to call me this afternoon, considered going hiking, still couldn't find my lightweight polypro bottoms, then wrestled with my backpack (the Trek that I'm testing) for a couple of hours trying to get everything to go in right. By that time, it was going to be dark before I got down to the Letchworth area, and I thought we had D&D tomorrow, so I gave up and went over to Jan's to watch The Fellowship of the Ring again, which just reinforced my want-to-be-hiking feeling.

As it turns out, we don't have D&D tomorrow after all, so I think I'll give the hike one more try. Now, if I'd known on Friday that these two commitments weren't going to happen, I could have made a much bigger expedition out of this, but I still ought to be able to get some hiking in. The one variable is that I'm not sure if I'm required to stay at the shelter or not; if I am, it's too far from the falls for me to get down there, park at the access close to the shelter, and get down to the falls and back before dark. And I need to park close to where I sleep so that I can get up Monday morning and drive back to Rochester for work.

Anyone want to go hiking tomorrow?
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