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Useless LJ trivia

I've been updating my profile, combing through friends' "interests" sections to remind myself what all I've missed, and I can't believe some of the things that I left out. I've intentionally omitted mention of any specific books/bands/shows just out of self-defense, but there's quite a list.

Interestingly, I'm the only person on LiveJournal with a couple of my interests, and one of just two or three for others. The one that surprised me is that there's no one else on all of LJ with an interest in the Finger Lakes Trail, given the flurry of interest in hiking it that I've seen on some hiking-related mailing lists.

For that matter, there's only one other LJ'er with an interest in the entire North Country Trail, which a big chunk of the FLT is part of -- quite a feat for a trail 4600 miles long! (Well, okay, the NCT isn't exactly well publicized.)

There's also only one other America's Cup fan on LiveJournal, which would seem to bode ill for future syndicates' fundraising. OTOH, most of the money seems to be coming from corporate sponsorships and deep-pocketed billionaire playboys these days, rather than the mass fundraising efforts that I remember from the '87 AC.

And I seem to be one of only two people here from Deerfield Academy. Interestingly enough, given DA's single-sex (male) past, we're both women.

Now I just need to finish figuring out the usernames for the rest of my friends so that I can add them to my "friends" list. If you're someone I know, would you email me or "friend" me so that I know to add you?
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