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Meet The Parents

linuxspice's parents had a dinner party last night, and we went. It was essentially her family and another family that they're friends with and all the associated kids' spouses. And yes, her dad still doesn't know about her transition, so we were prepared for an evening of high farce.

It didn't turn out that way; everyone was really great, and we all got along famously, although I did sort of get an impromptu physics exam from her Dad, and had to rack my brain to try to remember enough special relativity to keep up with him. Thank the Goddess that he stuck to just special relativity; trying to puzzle through the Schroedinger wave equation cold after all these years would have been something of an ordeal. I think he was a little surprised that I'd actually studied modern physics; he seems to have a somewhat old-fashioned view of gender roles.

One could probably make a pretty good comedy sketch out of the evening anyway: showing up for a date and having to take an unscheduled physics test. I think I need to study harder for the next dinner party....