October 13th, 2002


An assortment of random topics

Peri and I didn't go backpacking this weekend. She hurt her shoulder last weekend in her bike accident. She's starting to feel better, thankfully.

Peri and I, and Kage, Anita, and Matt, went for a walk in Seneca Park yesterday instead. Peri and I had discussed going for a day hike somewhere, but I didn't wake up until almost noon. So we went to O'Bagelo's, our usual Saturday lunch place, and lingered over lunch until 2:00. After our walk, we drove up to Charlotte (shar-LOT) for hot apple sundaes at Abbott's. Then Peri, Matt, and I had a Twin Peaks marathon. I'd never seen the first season, and Matt had never seen the series at all.

Gack! I've been here at the office (to finish up a few loose ends) for two hours now, and haven't gotten a thing done. Bad Sue, no biscuit. I think LJ is starting to eat my brain....

I got the results back from last week's orienteering meet, and I came in seventh out of ten by just over two minutes. I spent at least two minutes dithering over which way to go when I reached the power lines; if I'd just picked a direction, even if I'd been wrong (which I still was), I'd've come in sixth, continuing my streak of finishing at almost the exact center of the pack (even during the meet in which I sprained my ankle!). Which means that I'm not really doing any worse in Green than I had in Orange, so I might stick with Green for a while.

Kage and Anita came in second, and Anita thinks she could've won the division if she'd gone by herself. I'll be interested to see how she does when she tries Yellow.

OneWorld finished the first round-robin in the Louis Vuitton Cup with a perfect record. Everyone is going to make adjustments for the next round, and someone might suddenly find a lot of speed, but at the moment, they look like the odds-on favorites.

Thanks to the aborted backpacking trip, we actually made it to the Netrek game on Friday, and I got promoted! Go me! I can get promoted again fairly easily if I can get my Strategy stat up 0.19 more... I'll have to try to get assigned to the offense next time.

And yesterday was the third anniversary of linuxspice's "muffining day," as Peri puts it. Which means that next spring will be our third anniversary, which would ours the longest continuous primary relationship I've been in. And I get to see her next weekend, too! Some big things might be happening in her life in the not-too-distant future; we'll have to see where that all leads and what it means for us.