February 20th, 2003


Day of the Long Knives

I'm glad that yesterday was such a good day, because today totally sucked. My reporting structure at work is rather... interesting. On a day to day basis, I work for one manager, who's the head of the larger team that my team is a part of. I actually work, in terms of reporting structure, for a second manager in a different department, and am on loan to my current team from him. Lately, I've been doing nearly all my work for a third manager who's responsible for shipping the product that I've been blitzing on.

It turns out that a fourth manager, who's strongly opposed to the use of contractors, has just won some sort of political struggle, and now controls all of the staffing for our department. So a big memo was sent around this morning detailing the dates on which all of the remaining contractors will be let go, including me.

That at least resolves the question of whether they were going to bring me on board, and if not, how long I'll be around. My date: July 1. That's three months later than I'd been assuming, but it's still a disappointment, especially as I was asked to make a five-year commitment to the company when I joined.

It gets worse: because all contractors are leaving, those of us in leadership positions were relieved of our leadership duties today; a direct employee is now in charge of my team. Ken is a good guy, but it still feels like insult added to injury, especially coming on the heels of having worked port-and-starboard to meet a deadline for something that should have taken us three months longer than we took.

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