July 25th, 2003


Cleaning house

In a burst of energy, I cleaned the office the other night, and freed up half the room. It's amazing how much larger it looks without piles of stuff everywhere. I moved the big pile of servers into the server closet, and set the black table (which just exactly fits) up above them as a monitor/printer stand for the network printer and the system console for tucker. My desk is now in one corner, and the other corner is free for a desk for linuxspice. And the windows aren't blocked any more.

Now I just need to get the rest of the house tidy like this. Oh, and finish doing all of the network wiring....

Unfortunately, we somehow managed to blow out the router during the process, and knock ourselves off the net, which is Very Bad when you're telecommuting. Yay for Netgear for getting us a replacement on the next business day (and also for having a long enough warranty period).

Sadly, linuxspice is off in California for the next week for Meg and Ellen's wedding. I wanted to go, but couldn't get away. I think I'll throw myself into work and boatbuilding for the next week to get my mind off how much I miss her.

Oh, and there's a Lightning regatta tomorrow in Syracuse for wooden boats. I'm going, with digital camera in hand, to help figure out how my Lightning gets reassembled.
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