July 26th, 2003


Got a woody?

This was going to have been the Scheduling Weekend From Hell -- four things that we wanted to do, all at once. Meg and Ellen got married today in San Francisco, there was a wooden Lightning regatta in Syracuse, the Aztek rally happened in Pennsylvania, and tomorrow is the day that our family does the flowers at Chautauqua. Oh yes, and it's Mom's birthday tomorrow.

I couldn't go with linuxspice to California because of work, so I wound up at the Lightning regatta today. It totally rocked. I shot at least five dozen close-up photos of Lightning hardware and parts, figured out where all the loose wooden parts that I got with my Lightning are supposed to go, figured out when my boat was built (1945), and learned how the mast is supposed to be stepped. And I got to sail, too.

The boat that I sailed on had been hastily patched together to get it in the water for this weekend -- the owner and the regatta organizer were up until 5 AM working on her. None of the three of us had sailed together before, half the controls didn't work or were missing, the jib uphaul and boomvang both jammed, and the boat leaked like a sieve. We had a blast. I was the middle crew, and called tactics, and we actually made a race of it by the end of the day. We also only finished last once, and the boat held up in 20+ knot winds through all four races.

The icing on the cake was pulling into the driveway and seeing my wooden Lightning there. I'm really looking forward to getting her in the water.

Proof positive that I'm a total boat geek: it took me until I was pulling off the Thruway on my way home to realize that the guy I was sailing with was really cute....

Anyway, off to Chautauqua tomorrow. Ni' ni'!
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