August 20th, 2003


Nunavut on the cheap?

I've been daydreaming about attempting the Northwest Passage ever since I commissioned the design for the Gadfly, and seeing brian1789's reports from Devon Island (and watching Atanarjuat a few too many times) has reinforced that. Gadfly is really too lightly built to safely make the journey, and it's very expensive to fly that far north, so I thought Nunavut to be out of reach. However....

therealjae posted a map of a trip she's planning to take to her LJ, and one thing that really jumped out at me is that the 109 runs from Val d'Or in Quebec all the way up to Chisasibi (cue the Susan Aglukark earworm) on James Bay. And all the islands in Hudson Bay and James Bay are part of Nunavut. I'm fixing to have a trailerable microcruiser (the Shrike) in the water in the next week or two, which opens the possibility of driving up to Chisasibi with her and sailing from Chisasibi to Sanikiluaq to cruise the Belcher Islands.

It's really tempting, especially since catskillmarina has tossed that area out as a possible place to go umiaking. Perhaps a bunch of us could make an expedition of it? Of course, I'd need to shake the living hell out of Shrike on her shakedown cruise, and think carefully about supplies to bring along, as there would likely be no available resupply whatever until I got back to Chisasibi. And it's a long way up there from Val d'Or; are fuel and services available on the road?

Anyway, this requires more thought. And about a month of vacation time....
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