September 2nd, 2003


"Now we need to run home and post this to LJ"

Had an utterly fabulous time in Toronto last night -- got to see solarbird for the first time in almost twenty years, and meet annathepiper and their friend R, who were also very cool. We also had dinner and dessert with okoshun and epi_lj, and discovered a truly dangerous place: the Marché restaurant in BCE place that my friend Stephen had recommended on Friday. It also seems that parking there is free after 5 and on the weekend, if you eat there (dinner or dessert), and they're open until 2, so we'll want to take advantage of that for future day trips. And to top it off, we ran into Cally and kallikanzeros, entirely by accident, on our way from solarbird's hotel to BCE place.

Still no luck hooking up with schillerium (we said goodbye to epi_lj and okoshun around 10:30, too late for further out-hanging), but further trips to T.O. are in the offing....