September 19th, 2003


They really did it!

Reduction to 67 points is effective immediately!

Without me finishing my degrees, we already had 73 points, before applying any French proficiency -- so we're now in, regardless of my degrees or the remedial French that we were going to do this fall. The article mentions 80 as a high target that was discussed at one point; if I get my degrees, we'll have that, easily.

This radically alters where I target my job search, I think....
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Game called on account of rain

We're north of the hurricane track. The Serpent Mound is south of the probable hurricane track. Changing this would involve driving ten hours through a hurricane.

I think we're going to have to make alternate plans for the Equinox.
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Harr, matey! 'Tis not the day itself, but I'm hopin' that me fine lass serenejournal has a real treasure of a birthday on the morrow. Dance a hornpipe, drink some grog, and loot and pillage an undefended coastal town for me....

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