April 17th, 2004


Svend Robinson

I am utterly flabbergasted by Svend Robinson's conduct. Since when do politicians act with such squeaky clean probity? To step forward, do the right thing, admit absolutely everything, and then resign when the whole thing could easily have gone undetected... wow. And to have enough self-insight to know that one has been pushed past one's limits, and enough wisdom to let that fact trump one's ambition is... well, I can only think of one example.

How many others in power anywhere would simply have kept what they took -- like, say, $100 million -- and spun smoke screens around the issue, or quietly arranged the return of the item and pretended that nothing happened? And don't get me started about the situation in a certain other North American country.

If linuxspice and I were to wind up on the West Coast some years down the road after gaining Canadian citizenship, and Mr. Robinson were to return to political life, he'd have my vote on character alone. Of course, he's queer and NDP, so he would have had my vote in any event. And it saddens me that decent, honourable behaviour, which would be unremarkable in an ideal world, stands out so far from today's norm.