April 21st, 2004


Skydome squee

It's nifty having easy access by subway to Real Baseball again. linuxspice and I took in the Jays-Red Sox game last night (Halliday vs. Pedro) at Skydome, which was the third time that we'd been there this season. We sat up in the $2 seats in the Skydeck again, but were over towards third base this time rather than right behind the catcher as we had been for the second game of the season. The Jays lost, but the Leafs won, so it was kind of a wash.

I taught linuxspice how to keep score, which was an interesting exercise because I had to start by explaining what a walk was. (Her reaction: "That's really weird!") Getting the concept of a "sacrifice fly" across took about ten minutes, and I steered as far clear of the Infield Fly Rule as I could. (Thankfully, none occurred during the game.) She finally got to the point of being able to score plays on her own around the eighth inning or so. I've never had quite so much fun at a ball game.

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