June 6th, 2004


Cue the singing Disney dolls

linuxspice and I were just having a conversation about friends we have in the GTA (and whom we've been shamefully neglecting recently due to the move).

Amanda: "Well, my friend Fiona lives in Missisauga, and there's another friend of mine from University in town, and that's about it. Oh, and there was one woman from the suspects list in Boston who moved to Toronto: Stephanie Clarkson."

Sue: "Hmm. That name rings a bell. Doesn't epi_lj have a girlfriend named Stephanie?"

Amanda: "Well, she's fannish."

Sue: "Hmm. epi_lj's girlfriend is fannish, as I recall. Hang on a second while I check something...."

Yep. Sure enough, it's thespian. Small world, eh?
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