June 11th, 2005


Wales 60, Canada 3

enevarim, linuxspice, and I went to the Wales vs. Canada international rugby test match this afternoon and sweltered in the 35+-degree heat. We missed the first half of the first half (including the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau), and the only seats left were partly obstructed, but it was fun anyway. There was a really good turnout of obvious -- and vocal -- Wales supporters in full regalia, in addition to less obvious ones like me.

I think I understand now what football games must be like for people who don't understand football. I understand rugby on the level of knowing what a try is and what a field goal is, and at the general level that moving the ball down the field toward the end where you're trying to score means that your team is doing well, but most of the action was a chaotic blur. The game was never really in doubt, as Canada really, really got clobbered, and the home side appeared to wilt or give up half way through the second half. There were two exciting moments when Canada threatened to at least score one try, but the Welsh defense put up a good goal line stand in both cases.

Last night, linuxspice and I met sonjaaa, kejlina, and secretsoflife at Cafe Crèepe for some yummy crèepes and some cool discussions of board games, Esperanto, Ruby on Rails, comparison shopping for SRS surgeons, and such. To top it all off, we got to see Howl's Moving Castle on its opening night. Very brief review: squeeeeee! (kejlina also needs to be added to the "get all the cool people to move to Toronto" project list....)

sonjaaa and I are tentatively on for a game of Memoir '44 at some point next week... and there may be yet another board game evening with some cow orkers at some point, too. Yesterday was our company barbecue, at which we discovered that five or six of us are big gaming geeks who'll play anything from fast-moving simple and elegant German-style games to big complicated grognard games, the sort that I can never get anyone to play with me.

We also went to see Sin City and Steamboy with thespian on Thursday, and she is tentatively planning to organize a couple of game days in a nice air-conditioned indoor space during the dog days of August. We had a long, long chat over coffee, snacks, and a pint after the double feature, and it looks like we may be going to a con in Boston over the July 1 / July 4 very long weekend with her and danaeris.

And between Steamboy and Howl's Moving Castle, we got to see anime on the big screen two nights in a row this week. How cool is that?

Tomorrow, we're off to the poly brunch that thespian is [not] hosting, after which we'll probably go Mouseboating and air conditioner shopping. Relief is in the forecast for Wednesday, but I've been practically estivating in this heat all week, and the long-term outlook for the summer is more of the same. Bleah. I really, really need to get Shrike in the water, so we can take her out into the lake to beat the heat.