May 28th, 2006

simoun, Aaeru

Back from Anime North

periperi is visiting town this weekend, so she and I and linuxspice all went to Anime North. Wow. I've never been to a con with a five digit membership size before. It wasn't quite as bad as the ComiFes scenes in Genshiken, but it was still a huge mass of humanity, with a totally different feel to any con I had been to before. Everyone seemed to stick to close-knit circles of friends, and didn't generally interact with anyone outside their in-group -- there were just too many people milling about to manage it. (Exception: I met shinigamishimai at the shoujo-ai panel, and we had a nice long chat afterwards, but that was it.)

A ridiculously large percentage of the attendees were cosplaying, which made the huge crowds kind of neat for people-watching. Among others, I saw
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Later, linuxspice and I ran into danaeris, jackspryte, and tocityguy. We people-watched for a while, then went back to arcadiahouse for dinner and general hanging out. jackspryte was the heroine of the evening for breaking out sarongs, and we had a delightful time until midnight or so.