March 28th, 2007


Suddenly free this weekend, after all....

I didn't think I'd be able to go to alt.polycon because of a family wedding this weekend... but it turns out that we can't go anyway (we'd get there too late, and the bride and groom are going to leave for their honeymoon after just a token appearance at the reception). Which means, um, that I really do have the weekend free for apc15... but no transport, crash space, arranged time off, and so forth.

In the worst case, I could hop in the Aztek and crash with local friends, but if I did somehow make it, would anyone have available crash space in the actual hotel? (If need be, I'm not averse to crashing on the floor.) There's still the problem of time off from work, which really is probably not doable at all on such late notice, especially given some things that we really want to get done by the end of the week. Of course, I could work late tonight and tomorrow to leave early on Friday, but....

(And I'm guessing that memberships aren't sold out?)

Agh. I just barely didn't make apc4; it's looking like something similar might happen here, which is sad-making. :-(
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