November 19th, 2007


Shortest job search ever

Remember how I was torn between two great opportunities back in May? And how it broke my heart to have to turn one of them down? And how the SVP of R&D asked me to give him a call if things didn't work out at my now-former employer?

Well, I remembered that, too, this morning, and when I checked their web site, it turned out that they were looking for a manager for the Toronto office that I was going to have started. So I fired off an email to Eric, with my updated resume... and he called and offered me the job on the spot.

So now I'm a gainfully employed software development manager again. I'm getting a small raise, twice as many people reporting to me, and a management group that believes in me again, plus I get to double dip for a month thanks to my severance package. I'm going to go meet my new team on Wednesday.

The only down side is that now I have a transit-hostile commute to Scarborough, but there's the possibility of an office move at some point to better quarters.

Oh, and I'm hiring. :-)