November 24th, 2009


Trusting myself

I've had occasion lately to reconsider many of my past choices, and I've come to the conclusion that all of my major regrets in life stem from wishing I had made an important choice or commitment at an earlier age than I actually did. And in just about every case, I'd had an impulse to make the choice that I ultimately did, but was afraid to act on it, or got talked out of it, or tried it, got scared, and backed out.

Okay, there's one exception, involving a choice I flat out wish I'd made differently... but having followed through on another impulse at an earlier age would have made that one unnecessary. And would have kept the two "biggest rocks" in my life from having happened in the wrong order.

I'm just glad that I've had the opportunity and the wisdom to have a "do over" in each case. Except the one choice I wish I could reverse, but we'll wind up mitigating that one anyway.
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I've done a little bit of a cleanup of my LJ friends and communities list. I've unsubscribed from many communities, including all of the ones that haven't had meaningful traffic in a while. And I unfriended everyone who A) didn't have me as a friend, and B) I couldn't remember what their real name was from their LJ handle. If I've dropped you by mistake... well, you probably aren't reading this because you didn't have me friended. But if you do see this somehow, just friend me and remind me who you are.